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What it is​

  • CUPD exists to make students feel safer on campus. 

Tips from CUPD: 

1. Download the mobile safety app! It has helpful features like texting, having someone monitor your walk home when you feel nervous walking, etc.  

2. For non emergency situations, there is a Silent Witness Form that removes the threat of retaliation. 

3. Remember the Good Samaritan Rule! If you call CUPD about alcohol consumption, you will not get in trouble. 


Example usages of this office

  • Sally Sue thinks there is an intruder in her dorm room. She hides in her closet but does not want to make noise. She uses the mobile safety app to text with a dispatcher and they send an officer. 

  • Sally Sue calls CUPD when her roommate has had too much to drink. They send over EMTS to check that her roommate is okay. 

Examples of common misconceptions 

  • Sally Sue lives in Collegetown. She injures her knee and calls CUPD to send the EMTS. They refer her to the Ithaca Fire Department because they cannot help her off-campus.

  • Sally Sue believes there is an intruder in her Collegetown apartment. She must call Ithaca PD. 

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