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Cornell Student Assembly Office of the Student Advocate (OSA) is an executive, non-partisan office created and legitimized by the Cornell Student Assembly. We offer help by connecting any student or student group to resources and offices concerning academic, social, health, financial, and housing concerns. When a student believes their rights are violated, we support them along the process of receiving guidance from different avenues on and off campus.

The OSA serves as a resource hub to facilitate connections to resources pertaining to, but not limited to conduct violations, grade disputes, enrollment issues, financial aid problems, residency concerns, discrimination, and harassment.  We are dedicated to centralizing resources and directing students to the appropriate point of assistance while also accompanying students along the process. All assistance is free and confidential. 

Meet The Team

IMG_1393 - Amisha Chowdhury.JPG

Amisha Chowhury

Student Advocate


Jana Alzayer

Chief of Staff

IMG_1069 - Aniya Goodrum.jpeg

Aniya Goodrum

Chief of Staff

IMG_6389 2.JPG

Sharon Zou

Director of Academics

Giancarlo Restrepo

Director of Student and Campus Life

Headshot - Danielle Smith.JPG

Danielle Smith

Director of Finance

Christian Saavedra

Director of International Affairs

Cathy Cho

Chief of External Affairs

SMuthoni headshot - Stella Muthoni.png

Stella Muthoni

Chief of Recruitment

Yanran Kuang

Chief of Outreach

LI-Headshot - Aaron Friedman.jpg

Aaron Friedman


Spring 2024 OSA Recruitment.JPEG

Be apart of the Office of the Student Advocate! Now accepting new members.

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