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What it is​

  • The Bias Reporting Office files and handles complaints of bias at Cornell. 

  • When a complaint does not violate University policy, the response from the office is non disciplinary. 

  • Complaints filed anonymously are usually non actionable depending on content. 



Example usages of this office

  • Sally Sue's professor uses offensive language in her slideshow. Sally Sue reports this to bias reporting and they reach out to the professor to have a conversation about inclusivity in the classroom.


​*** The University distinguishes between bias, harassment and discrimination. Only harassment and discrimination are actionable. 


Bias- "I hate people with green hair" 


Harassment- "I hate you because you have green hair" (and must be said many times)


Discrimination- Denying access to rights for protected classes. 

Examples of common misconceptions 

  • Sally Sue believes her professor's grading practices are biased. She would not find recourse through bias reporting. 

  • Sally Sue believes her course curriculum is offensive, she would not find recourse through bias reporting. 

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