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What it is​

  • The Financial Aid Office exists as a resource to help eligible students make Cornell more affordable. 

  • The Financial Aid Office assists a multitude of students each semester and they want you to reach out when you have questions. 



Example usages of this office

  • Sally Sue wants to appeal her financial aid decision. She reaches out to the Financial Aid Office. It is a busy time of year. When she  doesn't hear back after a week or so, she  follows up to make sure the office received her email.

  • Sally Sue does not understand her financial aid package. She reaches out to  the Financial Aid Office for help. 

  • Sally Sue has a work study grant and is looking for a job on campus. The Financial Aid Office helps her find a job.

Examples of common misconceptions 

  • Sally Sue wants a refund for something  on her bursar account. Financial Aid cannot help with this and refers her to the bursar's office. 

  • Sally Sue wants to waive health benefits. The Financial Aid Office cannot help with this and refers her to the Student  Health Benefits website. 

  • Sally Sue has questions about her work study compensation. Financial Aid cannot help with this and refers Sally Sue to the Human Resources Office.

  • Sally Sue feels that she is being discriminated against at her on campus job. Financial Aid cannot help her and refers Sally Sue to Human Resources. 

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