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What it is​:

  • The Fire Marshal’s Office covers all fire safety concerns for property on the Cornell campus (including residential dorms).

  • The Fire Marshal’s Office is not responsible for off-campus buildings that are not listed under the approved renters’ list, however the office is still willing to assist off-campus students with fire concerns. 

  • The Fire Marshal’s Office regulates event safety on Cornell’s campus and checks to ensure that all events meet fire regulations. 

  • The Fire Marshal’s Office provides training to Cornell affiliated individuals on fire safety procedures.

Example usages of this office:

  • A student wants to ensure that their off-campus apartment is up to the fire code. The Fire Marshal’s Office can give advice on ways to be safe and meet regulations. 

  • A student is hosting a large event on campus and wants to ensure that the event is safe and within university regulations. The Fire Marshal’s Office can assist with this.

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