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What it is​

  • The Judicial Administrator’s Office is not just a place where students go to get in trouble. They exist as a resource for students to file claims when wronged.  

  • The JA’s office will never contact your parents on your behalf; this is not always true of other University offices.

Example usages of this office

  • A student’s laptop was stolen by their roommate. This student reports the incident to the JA’s office, and they help the student get the laptop back or in some cases compensate them.  

  • A student has a question about Cornell's disciplinary procedures. She reaches out to the OJA and they answer her question. 


The OSA is made up of undergraduate students acting as caseworkers in different fields to navigate issues including conduct violations, grade disputes, enrollment issues, financial aid problems, residency concerns, discrimination and harassment.

Disclaimer: The Office of the Student Advocate is available as a point of contact to help students navigate Cornell bureaucracy and provide advice but does not guarantee any results.

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