What it is​

  • The Office of Institutional Equity and Title IX oversees the policies that exist to address bias, discrimination, harassment, and sexual and related misconduct, including gender-based harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, stalking, and sexual exploitation.

Website: https://titleix.cornell.edu/

Email: TitleIX@cornell.edu

Example usages of this office

  • Without a formal investigation, the Title IX office can

    • Academic support

    • Relocation in residence halls

    • Reordering work schedules                                             

    • No contact directives (similar to a restraining order)

  • A formal complaint initiates the investigation process

    • Title IX office produces a neutral report.

    • Hearing panel of faculty and staff reads report and hears testimony.

    • Victims are allowed to bring personal support.

    • Hearing panel makes a determination of responsibility based on preponderance of the evidence, with option of one appeal for both parties.


The OSA is made up of undergraduate students acting as caseworkers in different fields to navigate issues including conduct violations, grade disputes, enrollment issues, financial aid problems, residency concerns, discrimination and harassment.

Disclaimer: The Office of the Student Advocate is available as a point of contact to help students navigate Cornell bureaucracy and provide advice but does not guarantee any results.

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