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What it is​

  • Student Disabilities Services provides academic and/or environmental accommodations and services for students with a disability

  • SDS resources are open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students on the Ithaca and Cornell Tech campuses and Executive MBA programs.



Example usages of this office

  • Jay is concerned as he has been struggling to complete exams in the time allotted. Though Jay is unsure if this is because of a learning disability, he should still seek help from SDS to determine what resources are available to him.

  • Jess has lived experience with a disability. Regardless if this is a learning disability, physical disability or mental health, she should register with SDS to ensure she has the support needed to excel in her education experience.

Examples of common misconceptions 

  • There are none! If you have a concern or are struggling academically or with Cornell’s environment go to SDS to discuss available resources.

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